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Best Indian Restaurant Near Me

What's the Difference Between Indian Curry and Other Types of Curry?

It seems as though pretty much every culture has a curry. But they're also all unique. If you go to the best Indian restaurant near me, what would separate its curry from a Japanese or a British curry? The difference has to do with the spices.

What is a Curry?

Curry originated in India and spread from there -- so the original, traditional curry will always be an Indian curry. But as it spread away from India, the ingredients and spices changed to what was available in the other areas. Traditional Indian curry is thick and velvety, including spices like turmeric, coriander, ginger, and cumin.

What Are the Differences Between Indian Curry and Other Curries?

British curry tends to be sweeter and thicker than Indian curry, as well as a little less spicy. Indian curry tends to use tomatoes more than British curry, because tomatoes are plentiful in the area. Comparatively, Japanese curry is also sweeter and usually involves some sort of meat stock, such as beef, chicken, or pork. This type of stock usually isn't used in traditional Indian curry and can provide more of an "umami" flavor.

Another type of popular curry is Thai curry. Thai curry tends to be lighter, more like a soup, with brighter flavors such as citrus. All these curries will use similar ingredients as far as spices go, but the thickness will vary.

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