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What Are the Spiciest Dishes at an Indian Restaurant?

Are you looking for a real challenge? Or maybe the things that other people call spicy don't even seem a little spicy to you. If you're interested in getting the spiciest food possible, then an Indian restaurant is the place to go. But contrary to popular belief, not all Indian food is spicy. There's everything from mild to moderate to extremely hot. Here are some of the best dishes to eat if you're chasing the chili.

Phall Curry

Phall is the spiciest type of curry, in general. It's a meat-based dish (of chicken or lamb) that includes many different dried curries, prepared for maximum heat. But it's not just spicy, the ginger and fennel seeds mean that this dish is generally flavorful. But this dish also isn't a traditional Indian dish; it was made in Britain.


Another export, vindaloo was not made inside of India but rather Portugal, by Indian chefs trying to make something spicier than traditional curry. Vindaloo contains wine, vinegar, and garlic, with more of a sour-spicy taste than other Indian curries. It can be cooked with pork, lamb, beef, or chicken, making it a very versatile dish. It can be found in most sit down restaurants near me.

Madras Curry

A curry that was made with the restaurant in mind, Madras is a catch-all for those who love curry but who might not know exactly what they're looking for. Madras is a safe bet if you're looking for some spice to your curry, but you don't want to get too experimental with the other flavors involved. Madras curry is usually made with beef. Any Indian restaurant near me will have Madras curry.


A more traditional recipe that was historically made with leftovers, Jalfrezi is a mix of onions, meat, peppers, and chilis. It has a thick, spicy sauce, and is best served over rice. It's made like a stir-fry. You can find it in sit down restaurants near me or even make it yourself.

And, of course, you can always ask for dishes to be made to your preference. If you absolutely love a regular chicken korma and want it to be spicier, just as for a hotter spice level. Check out Moti Mahal Deluxe today if you're looking for an Indian restaurant near me.

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